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Don’t be the last to get clued in

Sep 13, 2023

 Listen Up. This is make or break.

While Wall Street is sipping champagne, I'm here to give you a sobering outlook. I'm not bullish on this market or the economy. There, I said it. Unpopular opinion? Maybe. But hear me out.

The Fed? They've hiked rates 400bps in the last year. And the shockwaves? They haven't even hit us yet.

With oil prices skyrocketing, everyone's asking, "How much will inflation bite this month?" The CPI on Wednesday and PPI on Thursday will reveal the story.

Think the numbers will be soft? Think again. If they come in hot, brace for a market sell-off. The market will be convinced we're in for more tightening from the Fed.

And more hikes? They're not going to solve our insane energy policy or tame this wild beast we call inflation.

What's more, the bulk of the rate hikes this cycle haven't even hit the economy yet, but we're already seeing...

- Loan growth declining faster than a falling knife

- Delinquency rates on credit cards and auto loans creeping up

- Defaults in IG & HY on the rise

- Interest rate coverage in IG & HY dwindling

And that's all before the student loan repayment bomb drops.

Housing? It's come to a standstill. It's like watching a car crash in slow motion.

Add to this, LEI's have been declining for 15 straight months. 

With all this in play, how can anyone be bullish right now?

Join me for an eye-opening video session where we'll dissect these issues and more. We'll cut through the noise, challenge the status quo, and prepare you for what's coming.

Don't be the last one to get clued in.

— Mike Lee

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